Cast-Iron Architecture In New York
A Photographic Survey
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Dewey Decimal: 727.GAY 
Primary Author: Margot Gayle
Secondary Author: Edmund V. Gillon, Jr.
Additional Authors:
Year Published: 1974
Number of pages: 190
Resource Type: Survey
Publisher: Dover Publications Inc.
Description: New York City, where this mode of construction originated, houses more cast-iron buildings than any other place in the world, and this book collects together some of its best examples. Well-known photographer Edmund V. Gillon, Jr., has wandered the streets of lower Manhattan and photographed them from numerous aspects and angles, in dtail and from a distance, Margot Gayle, chairman of the friends of Cast-Iron Architecture, has carefully reserched every plate, identifying architect, foundry, date built, location and delineating the history of the building. Together these plates and commentaries provide one of the most comprehensive statements on cast-iron ever compiled.
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