Central Ridgewood Historic District
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Dewey Decimal: LPCDR 
Primary Author: Landmarks Preservation Commission
Secondary Author:
Additional Authors:
Year Published: 2014
Number of pages:
Resource Type: Designation Report
Description: Most of the buildings within the historic district were designed by Louis Berger & Company. However, many other developers and architects contributed to the construction of row houses, including: Paul Stier, August Bauer, Henry Schlachter, Kilian Schurger, Jacob Rodler, Ignatz Martin, Anton Kluepfel, Christian Doenecke, John Eisenhauer, Charles Fritz, Louis Allmendinger, Henry C. Brucker, Cohn Bros., Frederick Dessau, Koch & Wagner, Carl L. Otto, Adam Schlachter, Siegfried H. Schmidt, Slee & Bryson, John H. Vandervegt, Jr., and Walter B. Wills
Architectural Styles:
   Renaissance Revival
   Romanesque Revival

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   Central Ridgewood Historic District
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