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2005 Partners Handbook
Dewey Decimal: 363.69 NAT Primary Author: National Trust for Historic Preservation Center fo Year Published: 2005
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An Urban Information System for New York City
Dewey Decimal: 974.71 WILL Primary Author: Elliot Willensky Year Published: 1972
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Borrowed from the Future
Challenges and Guidelines for Community-Based Natural Resource Management
Dewey Decimal: 363 CLA Primary Author: Jason Clay Year Published:
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Brooklyn Public Library Stone Avenue Branch
Brownsville Children's Library
Dewey Decimal: LPCDR Primary Author: Landmarks Preservation Commission Year Published: 2015
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Building the Governance Partnership
The Chief Executive's Guide to Getting the Best from the Board
Dewey Decimal: 363 WIL Primary Author: Sherill K. Williams Year Published:
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Common Bond, Vol. 14, No. 2
Special Report: Fire Prevention for Religious Properties
Dewey Decimal: 728 NEWL Primary Author: New York Landmarks Conservancy Year Published: 1998
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Developing A Land Conservation Strategy
A Handbook For Land Trusts
Dewey Decimal: 363 ADI Primary Author: Adirondack Land Trust Year Published:
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Good Buildings Good Times
A Manual of Program Ideas for Promoting Local Architecture
Dewey Decimal: 363 PRE Primary Author: Preservation League of New York State Year Published:
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James Marston Fitch: Pioneer in Preservation Education
Dewey Decimal: 363.69 MUH Primary Author: Frank Muhly, Jr. Year Published: 1996
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Moving Historic Buildings
Dewey Decimal: 728 CUR Primary Author: John Obed Curtis Year Published: 1979
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On-Site Learning: Strategies for Teaching National and Local History
Investigating Local History and Architecture
Dewey Decimal: 728 MER Primary Author: Merchant's House Museum Year Published: 2007
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Planning and Control of Land Development
Cases and Materials
Dewey Decimal: 307 MAN Primary Author: Daniel R. Mandelker Year Published: 2001
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Propsed AntiDegradation Policy and Water Quality Control Criteria for the New York City Water Supply Watersheds
Dewey Decimal: 363 HUD Primary Author: Hudson Riverkeeper Deleware Riverkeeper Year Published:
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Renovating Schools
Making Space for New Programs
Dewey Decimal: 727 REN Primary Author: Department of City Planning Year Published: 1974
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Saving the Neighborhood
You Can Fight Developers and Win!
Dewey Decimal: 363 ROB Primary Author: Peggy Robin Year Published:
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The Community as Classroom
A Teacher's Manual
Dewey Decimal: 727 COG Primary Author: Stanley Cogan Year Published: 2001
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The Legend of CIty Water
Recommendations For Rescuing Thew New York City Water Supply
Dewey Decimal: 363 GOR Primary Author: David K. Gordan Year Published:
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The Market for Capital Loans among New York City N
Dewey Decimal: 728 ECF Primary Author: ECF Management Year Published: 1988
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The Protection of America's Scenic Byways
Dewey Decimal: 363 NAT Primary Author: The National Trust for Historic Preservation Year Published:
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The Rediscovery Of The Pedestrian 12 European Cities
Dewey Decimal: 363 BRA Primary Author: Roberto Brambilla , Year Published:
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Thirsty City
A Plan of Action for New York City Water Supply
Dewey Decimal: 307 WSP Primary Author: The Water Supply Project Year Published:
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