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Richard Meier Sculpture
Dewey Decimal: 709 MEI Primary Author: Richard Meier Year Published: 1994
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A Guide To Great American Public Places
A Journey to Discovery, Learning and Delight in the Public Realm
Dewey Decimal: 363LON Primary Author: Gianni Longo Year Published: 1996
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A New Deal for Public Art
Murals from the Federal Works Program
Dewey Decimal: 709 BRO Primary Author: Bronx Musuem of the Arts Year Published: 1994
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A Sense of Place
The Artist and The American Land
Dewey Decimal: 709 SHE Primary Author: Shearwater Year Published:
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Dewey Decimal: 709 COH Primary Author: Phyllis S. Cohen Year Published: 1987
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Dewey Decimal: 709 COH Primary Author: Phyllis S. Cohen Year Published: 1991
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Artists Communities
Dewey Decimal: 709 ALL Primary Author: Alliance of Artists Communities Year Published:
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Dewey Decimal: 709 LAP Primary Author: Dominique G. Laporte Year Published: 1986
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Cities, Counties, and the Arts
Dewey Decimal: 709 ASS Primary Author: Associated Councils of the Arts Year Published: 1976
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Civics Lessons
Recent New York Public Architecture
Dewey Decimal: 709 AIA Primary Author: AIA New York Chapter Year Published: 1997
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Columbia University and Morningside Heights
Dewey Decimal: 874.71 SUS Primary Author: Michael V. Susi Year Published: 2007
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Conservation Concerns
A Guide for Collectors and Curators
Dewey Decimal: 709 MUS Primary Author: National Museum of Design Year Published:
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Cultural Stations Project
Fifth Ave/ 53 Street
Dewey Decimal: 709 CUL Primary Author: Municipal Art Society Year Published: 1982
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Dia: Beacon
Dewey Decimal: 709 COO Primary Author: Lynne Cooke Year Published: 2003
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East New York Savings Bank Building
Dewey Decimal: LPCDR Primary Author: Landmarks Preservation Commission Year Published: 2016
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Faulkner Murals, The
The Barry Faulkner Murals at Washington Irving High School: History Conservation, and Education
Dewey Decimal: 709 MUN Primary Author: Adopt-A-Mural Program, Municipal Art Society Year Published: 1999
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Firing the Imagination
Dewey Decimal: 727 TUN Primary Author: Susan Tunick Year Published:
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For a Permanent Public Art
WPA Murals in the Health and Hospitals Corporations Collection
Dewey Decimal: 709 HEA Primary Author: Health and Hospitals Corporation Year Published: 1988
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Growth in New York Arts and Culture
Dewey Decimal: 709 CUI Primary Author: Cultural Assistance Center, INC. Year Published:
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Guide to Manhattan's Outdoor Sculpture
Dewey Decimal: 917.47 GAY Primary Author: Margot Gayle Year Published: 1988
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IRT Subway System Underground Interior
IRT Subway Stations (interior)
Dewey Decimal: LPCDR Primary Author: Landmarks Preservation Centers Year Published: 1979
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Letters From New York
Dewey Decimal: 720.97 SHA Primary Author: Paul Shaw Year Published: 2006
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Medieval Monuments at the Cloisters
as they were and as they are
Dewey Decimal: 709 PLA Primary Author: James Rorimer Year Published: 1972
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New York in the Nineteenth Century
317 Engravings from Harper's Weekly and Other Contemporary Sources
Dewey Decimal: 974.71 GRA Primary Author: John Grafton Year Published:
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Past Imperfect
A Mueseum Looks at Itself
Dewey Decimal: 709 PAR Primary Author: The Parrish Art Mueseum Year Published:
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