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42nd Street Entertainment Concept
Dewey Decimal: 307 LUC Primary Author: Lucas Arts Attractions Year Published: 1991
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A Bronx Housing Strategy
Dewey Decimal: 307 DEP Primary Author: Department of City Planning and Office of the Bron Year Published: 1977
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A Citizens Guide to Maintaining Neighborhood Places
Dewey Decimal: 307 CARN Primary Author: William C. Carney Year Published:
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A Commercial Revitalization Study of Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
Dewey Decimal: 720.2 ABE Primary Author: Abeles Shwartz Associates, Inc. Year Published: 1988
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A Guide to the Programs and Services of the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development
Dewey Decimal: 307 CIT Primary Author: City of New York. Department of Housing Preservati Year Published: 2000
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A Housing Platform for Harlem
Dewey Decimal: 307 COM Primary Author: The Community Design Workshop Year Published: 1985
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A Little About Lots
The Do-It-Yourself Book on Improving Vacant Lots and Neighborhoods
Dewey Decimal: 307 JOH Primary Author: Judith Brewster Johnson Year Published: 1969
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A Plan with a View: Sunset Park in Brooklyn
An Urban Design Model for Community Based Planning
Dewey Decimal: 307 AME Primary Author: American Planning Association Year Published: 1996
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A Profile of the Harlem Area
Findings of the Harlem Task Force
Dewey Decimal: 307 HAR Primary Author: Harlem Urban Development Corporation Task Force. Year Published: 1973
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A Scientist in the CIty
Dewey Decimal: 307 TRE Primary Author: James Trefil Year Published: 1994
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Affordable Housing and Smart Growth
Making the Connection
Dewey Decimal: 307 ARI Primary Author: Danielle Arigoni Year Published: 2001
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After the Kimmel Center
How Can We Better Plan to Protect Our Neighbohoods, Parks and View Corridors?
Dewey Decimal: 363 GVSHP Primary Author: Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservatio Year Published: 2002
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American City Planning Since 1890
Dewey Decimal: 720.9 SCO Primary Author: Mel Scott Year Published: 1971
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Audubon Terrace Historic District
Dewey Decimal: LPCDR Primary Author: Landmarks Preservation Commission Year Published: 1979
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Bringing Community Revitalization HOME
Dewey Decimal: 307 NEW Primary Author: New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation Year Published: 2002
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Brownfields Basics
A Guide to Rebuilding Our Communities
Dewey Decimal: 307 NEWL Primary Author: Year Published: 2000
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Building a Borough
Architecture and Planning In The Bronx
Dewey Decimal: 307 BRO Primary Author: The Bronx Museum of the Arts Year Published:
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Building Blocks of Brooklyn
A Study of Urban Growth
Dewey Decimal: 307 MEN Primary Author: David Ment Year Published: 1979
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Can I Paint My House Purple?
Dewey Decimal: 307 LAN Primary Author: Landmark Society of Western New York Year Published: 1995
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Capacity Building Training for Council Funded Community Partners
Dewey Decimal: 307 NEW Primary Author: New York City Council Year Published: 2010
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Changing Places
Rebuilding Community in the Age of Sprawl
Dewey Decimal: 307 MOE Primary Author: Richard Moe Year Published: 1997
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Cities Back from the Edge
New Life for Downtown
Dewey Decimal: 307 GRA Primary Author: Roberta Brandes Gratz Year Published: 1998
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Citizen's Guide to Government and the Urban Environment
Dewey Decimal: 307 NEW Primary Author: New York Conservation Education Fund Year Published: 2001
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Citizens Action Manual
A Guide to Recycling Vacant Property in Your Neighborhood
Dewey Decimal: 307 BOL Primary Author: Charles Bolton Year Published: 1980
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Citizens Taking Action
A Collection of Case Studies
Dewey Decimal: 307 TAY Primary Author: Susan Westwood Taylor Year Published: 1980
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