SPOTLIGHT: 10th & Stuyvesant Streets Block Association

The 10th & Stuyvesant Streets Block Association was formed in the late 1960s in response to the first attempt to up-zone Third Avenue, a battle the organization would be involved in for the next four decades. The association then took on the task of protecting, extending (in 1984), and beautifying the St. Mark's Historic District, the majority of which is within the association's boundaries. In addition to purchasing all of the trees on the two streets and creating a garden where the two streets meet, it raised the money to fabricate historically accurate Bishop's Crook Lampposts and return them to the historic streetscape.  

The block association, led by Marilyn Appleberg, a hardworking advocate of the area since she moved to the neighborhood in 1969, fought against inappropriate and out-of-scale development projects along Third and Second Avenues and successfully worked with local businesses and residents to rehabilitate the neighborhood.

A major accomplishment has been the reclamation of the small plaza in front of historic St. Mark's church, now named Abe Lebewohl Park. In 1981, the group invited the Greenmarket to set up in the park; it continues every Tuesday from May through December. A summer concert series with the Third Street Music School Settlement, held in the same park and now called Music in Abe Lebewohl Park, has also enhanced the neighborhood and is now in its 34th year.
The group continues to support contextual zoning and landmarking in the East Village and Lower East Side by collaborating with the Lower East Side Preservation Initiative, Historic Districts Council, and Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. In additional to all this, the organization hosts an annual block party to raise awareness of the neighborhood's progress and money for the upkeep of the park and the St. Mark's Historic District. The 10th & Stuyvesant Streets Block Party will be held this year on Saturday, September 12 from 10am to 6pm, and we are happy to be included again with a booth at this event.
The 10th & Stuyvesant Streets Block Association is among the Neighborhood Preservation Center's groups that has used our meeting space for its volunteer meetings. For the full list of groups, please visit our website.