SPOTLIGHT: Fourth Arts Block

Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) was founded in 2001 by long-time cultural and community groups during a time when the City sold off publicly owned community gardens and cultural facilities. Together, FABnyc successfully purchased eight securing properties from NYC - securing them as permanently affordable spaces for non-profit arts and cultural organizations - and coordinated the resultant public-funding capital campaign for the renovation of these properties. On January 11, 2006, Mayor Bloomberg presented symbolic keys to the buildings to FABnyc's cultural groups and designated the block the East 4th Street Cultural District.

FABnyc uniquely services the East 4th Street Cultural District by providing space for cultural and artistic expression. Today, it is home to more than a dozen arts groups, 10 cultural facilities, and 17 performance and rehearsal venues, attracting an annual audience of more than 250,000, serving over 2000 artists, and providing more square feet of active cultural space than any other block in New York.


FABnyc celebrates their 15th anniversary in 2016 and serves as an active leader helping to cultivate the dynamic, creative community of the Lower East Side, expanding their support to promote and strengthen the cultural vitality of the Lower East Side.Among their public programs is the annual Lower East Side History Month in May. With over eighty organizations throughout the neighborhood offering programs to help celebrate this year, there’s certainly something for everyone to enjoy! More information and a calendar of events can be found on the LESHM website.

FABnyc has partnered with the Neighborhood Preservation Center on various public programs, including our continuing involvement in LESHM. For a full list of groups that have used our space through virtual offices and workstations, please see our website