SPOTLIGHT: Lower East Side History Project

In honor of May being Lower East Side History Month, we are pleased to have the Lower East Side History Project as this month's Spotlight group. This award-winning non-profit is made up of multi-generational Lower East Siders who are committed to promoting and educating the public of the neighborhood's history and culture.


Along with documenting history and collecting data in regards to the neighborhood, LESHP writes educational programming for local schools and universities, consults movies and television programs, and authors local history books (you can see a list here). 
Additionally, the organization provides daily neighborhood walking tours,
including the Mafia Walking Tour, Lower East Side: Then and Now, and the Forgotten Lower East Side Tour; all of which are available for public, private, group, or class tours.

LESHP, along with other participating groups, is currently helping to promote and sponsor Lower East Side History Month celebrations with various events throughout the month. You can see the full list by visiting here.


To learn more about LESHP, including their upcoming events and tours, you can visit their websiteThe group also has a blog, where you can find even more historical information and stories.


The Lower East Side History Project is among the Neighborhood Preservation Center's current virtual office groups. For the full list, please visit our website.


                                                                                                                                            Eric Ferrara leading the Mafia Tour (copyright Hae-in Kim)