SPOTLIGHT: May First / People Link

For over a decade, May First/People Link (MFPL) has participated in and contributed to the major progressive movements of our times. MFPL is a politically progressive member-run and controlled organization that provides Internet hosting services as a benefit of membership while furthering their vision of a free and open Internet.

Originally working as two separate organizations since the late 1990s, a merger in 2005 between May First Technology Collective (originally Media Jumpstart) and People Link formed this binational organization, based in the United States and Mexico. May First/People Link is not only able to provide secure online services to organizations but also become deeply involved in campaigns, struggles, and coalitions with a network of left, progressive and social justice organizations. MFPL participates in movements such as collective control of technology for local struggles, global transformation, and emancipation without borders.
May First/People Link participates in a protest in support of Net Neutrality organized by the Media Action Grassroots Network
With over 800 members paying collective for yearly subsidized dues, MFPL offers access to the web, email and other hosting services, based entirely on free and open source software, hardened to defend against denial of service attacks, and with a track record of fighting corporate and government requests for data. In addition, MFPL holds a variety of webinars that are offered in both English and Spanish and also provides links to events and other news related to technology and social justice.

For more information on May First/People Link, please visit their website.

The Neighborhood Preservation Center has been working with May First/People Link since 2000 (when it was Media Jumpstart), initially as our technology consultants and now as the host for our website, database, and email.