SPOTLIGHT: Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition

The Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition is a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) organization formed to commemorate the tragic events of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, and to educate the public about the fire and workers' rights today. The fire occurred on March 25, 1911, when due to the deliberate neglect of safety precautions, 146 garment workers-most of them women, nearly half of them teenagers, many of them immigrants or the children of immigrants-were killed in the space of 15 minutes; to this day the third-worst disaster in New York City history. Tragic as it was, the fire is considered a historical turning point, serving as an inspiration for the emerging American labor movement, the implementation of safe and dignified working conditions, the regulation of fair hours and wages, the reforms of the New Deal, and the advent of the social welfare state.
In remembrance of this event, the Coalition organizes commemorative events and educational outreach programs for the general public. It encourages the fight for workers' rights and social justice here in the United States and in countries all around the world, especially in the garment industry.
Cousins Suzanne Pred Bass and Don Weiner at the 2016 annual Triangle Fire Commemoration.  
Rosie Weiner, their Great Aunt, died in the 1911 fire. Her sister survived.  
The Coalition is also raising funds to build and endow a permanent public arts memorial to the victims of the Triangle Fire where it occurred, at the corner of Greene Street and Washington Place in Lower Manhattan. Engravings on a mirrored panel along the building will tell the story of the fire, and list the names of those who perished.

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