SPOTLIGHT: Sane Energy Project

We are thrilled to spotlight our newest workstation group, Sane Energy Project! 

Joining the NPC family in September, 
Sane Energy Project is a grassroots non-profit organization seeking to help New York move towards a sane energy future, including the shutting down of all fossil fuel infrastructure. To achieve the goal of making New York City and State 100% renewable by 2030, they are working on several projects and campaigns that cover a wide range of energy-related issues. One of which is to end the use of fossil fuel and nuclear energy by leading the transition to wind, water, solar, and geothermal energies. One successful campaign directed by Sane Energy Project led to a veto by Governor Andrew Cuomo on the Port Ambrose LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Project

Currently, Sane Energy Project is fighting to bring equitable community benefit agreements an offshore wind farm off the coast of Rockaway/Long Beach, seizing the installation of Spectra Energy's Algonquin Pipeline in Westchester, along with working to change the overall energy laws in the state through its work with the Energy Democracy Alliance. They are also organizing a statewide convergence of direct action at the Empire State Plaza in April 2018 to address Governor Cuomo's continued approval of natural gas despite banning fracking in 2014.

Sane Energy Project utilizes a variety of actions to educate and empower New Yorkers from free monthly trainings, petitions, marches, lectures, and 
public art. The interactive YOU ARE HERE Map on their website allows the public to explore the 'insane' energy locations around the state, including pipelines, fracking infrastructure, and power plants.  This map helps to educate local communities about industry-related issues and connect them with grassroots groups to create change.

Sane Energy Team 2017

The Neighborhood Preservation Center is pleased to be the current base for Sane Energy Project. For more information about our office program, please visit our website