SPOTLIGHT: St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund (Part 1)

Did you know that today (April 25) is St. Mark's Day? It's the day the cornerstone was laid for St. Mark's Church In-the-Bowery in 1795 and its remarkable history and influence as a place of worship, social activism, and the arts would begin. It's this place and its impact that inspired the creation of the St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund.

As you may know, the St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund is the non-profit sponsor of the Neighborhood Preservation Center. As a proud project of the Landmark Fund, we would like to recognize just some of its accomplishments for this Spotlight. As we share the Landmark's Fund's 40 year history and successes, we ask for your support of our continued efforts to maintain the historic Rectory building we call home. 

The Landmark Fund began, informally, with the sponsorship of the Preservation Youth Project, a work and training program established by St. Mark's Church in 1967 to provide local young people with hands-on job-training skills while working on projects on the Church's campus. Not only were the PYP participants a major part of the restoration of both St. Mark's Church and the Rectory (under the guidance of local artisans and master craftspeople), but they were also responsible for the transformation of the unique landscaping and pathways in the West Yard. The cobblestones and plantings were designed to complement the existing headstones and crypts of the historic cemetery while also inviting the public to enjoy this quiet haven in the middle of the city. 

A member of the Preservation Youth Project laying stone in the West Yard of St. Mark's Church

Reconstruction of arch to St. Mark's Church West Yard on East 10th Street

In 1979, the St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund was formally created as a not-for-profit, comprised of concerned citizens following the devastating fire at St. Mark's Church. The Landmark Fund raised over $2.5 million to rebuild the Church in the successful 10-year restoration. It would be the beginning of several capital projects around the campus that the Landmark Fund has assisted the Church in realizing, including the West Yard brick archway along East 10th Street and, of course, the restoration and adaptive re-use of the Rectory.

Stayed tuned for more history about the St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund in Part 2 of this Spotlight, including its role in the restoration of the Rectory, home to the Neighborhood Preservation Center. 

As we celebrate St. Mark's Day and St. Mark's Church In-the-Bowery, we celebrate the St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund. Your contribution will support the continued work of the Landmark Fund. Please make a donation today.