SPOTLIGHT: St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our continued Spotlight on the St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund and recognition of St. Mark's Day, we would like to celebrate its restoration of the Rectory and creation of the Neighborhood Preservation Center project. 
As you may recall from Part 1 of this Spotlight, we left off with St. Mark's Church In-the-Bowery celebrating the completion of its 10-year restoration. Disaster struck on the campus again when a fire severely damaged the historic Ernest Flagg Rectory in 1988. The Landmark Fund took the lead in fundraising and restoring the building, which included assembling the Preservation Youth Project once again to help with the exterior and roof repairs. 

With a need to fill the space that had been a single-family home, the Landmark Fund created a re-use project, the Neighborhood Preservation Center. As a community center, NPC provided a viable use for the space with the potential to be both economically sustainable and consistent with the goals of the Church's decades of community engagement. Since its opening in 1999, NPC has successfully supported those working to improve and protect neighborhoods through its resource center and subsidized programs. 

As we continue maintaining the Rectory and sponsoring the Neighborhood Preservation Center, we ask for your support. 

Rectory Interior staircase during restoration
Ribbon cutting ceremony at the public opening of NPC

Throughout its 40 years, the St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund has based its work on the importance of place - an understanding that place gives context to who we are today and provides others the freedom to work, create, innovate and grow. It's with this that the Landmark Fund has worked with the Church to care for this important place and provide a home to the Arts Projects and the residents of NPC, and helped to keep the history of St. Mark's alive. 

As we celebrate St. Mark's Day and St. Mark's Church In-the-Bowery, we celebrate the St. Mark's Historic Landmark Fund. Your contribution will support the continued work of the Landmark Fund. Please make a donation today.