SPOTLIGHT: Sunrise Movement

Sunrise Movement is a self-described "army of young people" (non-violent, of course) advocating for actions against climate change while creating millions of jobs in the process. Based in several major cities nationwide, members of Sunrise Movement utilize active political engagement to unite their communities in the fight for a more sustainable way of life. The organization advocates for policies that transition us to 100% renewable energy, discourage new fossil fuel reliant projects, and halt government subsidies to large energy monopolies in order for smaller companies to establish a more democratic, energy-economic system.

Sunrise Movement is centered on two main youth programs: Sunrise Semester and Sunrise Internship. The first is a full-time, semester-long program available to attendees focusing their energy in volunteering during the midterm election season. There are currently 70 fellows who spend their days studying politics and civic engagement, along with knocking on doors and making phone calls to engage and register voters. The internship program provides a series of trainings in leadership development and political strategy to support progressive local candidates in making climate change a significant political issue. 
The movement is also organizing a No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge. This is a youth-run campaign enlisting political candidates to pledge in denying assistance or contributions from fossil fuel industry leaders, and instead invest in initiatives that will work to improve the country's health, climate, and democracy. 

Sunrise Movement is one of the organizations that use the Neighborhood Preservation Center's meeting space. For a full list of our meeting room organizations, please visit our website.