Plant and Scrymser Pavilions for Private Patients, St. Luke's Hospital 
Now St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center
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Full Address: 401 West 113th Street and 400 West 114th Street, Manhattan, NY
Alternative Address:
Year Built: 1904-06; 1926-2
Year Designated: 2002
Year Published: 2002
Architect: Ernest Flagg
Key words: pavilions, St. Lukes, St. Luke's, St. Luke's Hospital, pavilion, plant, hospital, institutional, domed, Margaret J. Plant, James Alexander Scrymser, individual landmark
Notes: Two of the original pavilions were demolished in the 1950s and 60s; the Stuyvesant building (1956-57, York & Sawyer) replaced the Norrie Pavilion; the Vanderbilt Pavilion replaced the Service & Research Building. The dome of the Muhlenberg Pavilion was removed in 1967. This designation report covers the two of the six remaining pavilions designed by Ernest Flagg.
Architectural Styles:
   French Renaissance

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