Phelps Stokes-J.P. Morgan, Jr. House (Now Part of the Morgan Library) 
Phelps Stokes-J.P. Morgan Jr. House, Lutheran Church in America Building
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Full Address: 231 Madison Avenue, Manhattan, NY
Alternative Address:
Year Built: 1853-1888
Year Designated: 2002
Year Published: 2002
Architect: R.H. Robertson
Key words: 1853, 1888, I.N. Phelps, Anglo-Italiante, brownstone, R.H. Robertson, Lutheran Church, religious property, Pierpont Morgan Library, mansion, John Pierpont Morgan, library, freestanding, freestanding mansion, midtown, Isaac Newton Phelps, individual landmark
Notes: 1965 designation overturned; redesignated in 2002. See "Guide to NYC Landmarks" for updated information. Glass and steel addition designed by Voorsanger & Mills linking the house and library was completed in 1991.
Architectural Styles:
   Renaissance Revival

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