Metropolitan Museum of Art (including Old Assay Office Facade) 
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Full Address: Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street, Manhattan, NY
Alternative Address:
Year Built: 1823; 1874-1902
Year Designated: 1967
Year Published: 1967
Architect: Martin E. Thompson (Old Assay Office Facade); Vaux & Mould; Weston; Richard & R.H. Hunt; McKim, Mead & White; Brown, Lawford & Forbes
Key words: museum, museums, cultural institution, Central Park, individual landmark
Notes: Old Assay Office Facade built in 1823
Architectural Styles:
   Beaux Arts
   Mixed (three or more styles)
   Roman Classical
   Victorian Gothic


   New York Buildings
   New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission Reports: Manhattan
   Manhattan Upper East Side