Daily News Building, first floor interior 
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Full Address: 220 East 42nd Street, Manhattan, NY
Alternative Address: 216-224 East 42nd Street; 223-247 East 41st Street; 763-777 Second Avenue, Manhattan, NY
Year Built: 1929-30
Year Designated: 1998
Year Published: 1998
Architect: John M. Howells, Raymond M. Hood, J. Andre Fouilhoux
Key words: globe, domed ceiling, skyscraper, freestanding skyscraper, interior, circular space, dome, rotunda, tabloid, newspaper, interior landmark
Notes: Designation report consists of revolving door vestibules, the 42nd street entrance lobby, including the double height rotunda, and the adjacent elevator lobbies, and all interior fixtures and components of these spaces. Building designated 1981. Lobby expanded by Harrison and Abramowitz in 1957-60.
Architectural Styles:
   Art Deco

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