Baird (Now Astor) Court, New York Zoological Park (Bronx Zoo) 
Bronx Zoo
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Full Address: South of East Fordham Road entrance, Bronx, NY
Alternative Address:
Year Built: 1899-1910
Year Designated: 2000
Year Published: 2000
Architect: Heins & La Farge, Henry D. Whitfield, Harold ap Rhys Caparn,
Key words: "Court of Honor", World's Columbian Exposition, zoo, animal house, Elephant House, Italian Renaissance-inspired staircase, Eli Harvey, City Beautiful, zoo, zoological exhibition, Charles R. Knight, Alexander Phimster Proctor, Harold A. Caparn, Eli Harvey, Charles R. Knight, Alexander Phimster Proctor, Thomas Cockerill & Son, Eli Harvey, Alexander P. Proctor, Miller Reed Company, individual landmark
Notes: Designation consists of the raised landscape terraces of Astor Court, the North and West Stairs that Lead to the Court, and the six Neo-Classical buildings surrounding the central Sea Lion pool.
Architectural Styles:

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