Douglaston Hill Historic District 
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Full Address: Portions of Depew Avenue, 240th Street, 42nd and 43rd Avenues, Queens, NY
Alternative Address:
Year Built: Mid 19th C. - 1
Year Designated: 2004
Year Published: 2004
Architect: Henry A. Erdmann, Samuel Lindbloom, Frank P. Allen & Son, Aubrey B. Grantham, D. S. Hopkins, Thomas Arcidiacono, Isaac Beers, John Stuart, Walter J. Halliday, George W. Cornell, Keith Corp.,
Key words: wood frame houses, residential suburbs, Flushing & Northside Railroad, William J. and Josephine Hamilton, Denis and Ellen O=Leary, Stuart Family, Cortland Van Beuren, Jeremiah Lambertson, William Holland, Lynne Nicholas, Florence Wakeman, William J. Hamilton, historic district
Architectural Styles:
   Arts & Crafts
   Colonial Revival
   Queen Anne

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