South Street Seaport Historic District Extension 
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Full Address: Extension bounded by Pearl Street, Water Street, Dover Street and Peck Street, Manahttan, NY
Alternative Address:
Year Built: 1790s-1950
Year Designated: 1989
Year Published: 1989
Architect: William Kuhler, Charles M. Spindler,
Key words: Early 19th Century, commercial buildings, trade, merchants, Fulton Street, Front Street, Peck Street, Dover Street, Water Street, Fulton Fish Market, South Street Seaport Museum, wharves, commerce, utilitarian structures, East River, shoreline, Schermerhorns, Beekmans, shipping, trade, East River port, Rose House, warehouses, Ezra Hoyt, James Callery, historic district extension
Notes: Extends the prior designation of the district as established in 1977.
Architectural Styles:
   Greek Revival
   Romanesque Revival

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