Wheatsworth Bakery Building 
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Full Address: 444 East 10th Street, Manhattan, NY
Alternative Address: 436-446 East 10th Street, Manhattan, NY
Year Built: 1927-28
Year Designated: 2008
Year Published: 2008
Architect: J. Edwin Hopkins
Key words: industrial, bakery, terra-cotta, Wheatsworth, Inc., National Biscuit Company, Nabisco, far East Village, Lower East Side, F.H. Bennett Biscuit Co., Milk Bone, public storage, individual landmark
Notes: Sold by Nabisco in 1958; owned by a number of different entities, including General Glass Industries, Inc., Columbia University, and the City of New York.
Architectural Styles:
   Art Deco
   Secessionist (Viennese Secessionist)

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