Red Hook Play Center (Sol Goldman Pool) 
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Full Address: 155 Bay Street, Brooklyn, NY
Alternative Address: 123-155 Bay Street; 648-682 Clinton Street; 787-825 Henry Street; 140-182 Lorraine Street, Brooklyn, NY
Year Built: 1934-36
Year Designated: 2008
Year Published: 2008
Architect: Aymar Embury II
Key words: Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, Robert Moses, Works Progress Administration, New Deal, pool complexes, Joseph L. Hautman, Gilmore D. Clarke, Red Hook’s Erie Basin, shipping industry, Slab City, social welfare, segregation, swimming, individual landmark
Notes: The pool complex is one of a eleven to be built during the New Deal. Its immense size and simple and low cost building materials, made it one of the most impressive public facilities of the 20th century.
Architectural Styles:
   Art Moderne

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