The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine 
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Full Address: 1047 Amsterdam Avenue, 1061 Amsterdam Avenue, 418 West 110th Street, Manhattan, NY
Alternative Address: 1021 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan, NY
Year Built: 1892-1911
Year Designated: 2003
Year Published: 2003
Architect: Heins & LeFarge, Ralph Adams Cram, William R. Ware, Charles Babock, John Bogart, Adams & Woodbridge,Santiago Calatrava, Simon Verity
Key words: Episcopal Diocese of New York, Bishop Horatio Potter, Oxford Movement, "the Acropolis of the new world", Astor, Vanderbilt, J.P. Morgan, Levi P. Morton, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Women's Transept, Rt. Rev. Charles Gilbert, Bishop Horace William Baden, Dean James Park Morton, stoneyard, individual landmark
Notes: Denied by City Council
Architectural Styles:
   French Gothic

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