144 West 14th Street 
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Full Address: 144 West 14th Street, Manhattan, NY
Alternative Address: 138-146 West 14th Street, Manhattan, NY
Year Built: 1895-96
Year Designated: 2008
Year Published: 2008
Architect: Brunner & Tryon
Key words: Joseph L. Buttenweiser, Frederick Hill Meserve, Deering Milliken & Company, R.H. Macy, Graff Washbourne & Dunn, Les Paul, Epiphone, Pratt Institute, City Beautiful Movement, elevated railways, neo-classical ornament, loft style, individual landmark
Notes: Plans for the widening of West 14th Street brought minor changes to the lower facade in 1912.
Architectural Styles:

   New York Buildings
   Manhattan West Village
   New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission Reports: Manhattan