Ridgewood North Historic District 
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Full Address: Roughly bounded by Forest Avenue and Grandview Avenue to the northeast; Linden Street to the northwest; Fairview Avenue to the s
Alternative Address:
Year Built: 1908-1914
Year Designated: 2009
Year Published: 2009
Architect: G.X. Mathews; Louis Allmendinger; Louis Berger and Co.
Key words: tenements, Mathews Model Flats, cold-water flats, attached masonry row houses, light-colored Kreischer brickwork, classically inspired detailing, low-cost housing, multi-family occupancy, residential and commercial uses, German immigrants, Jacob Jaeger, Wyckoff family, Debevoise family, George Hulst, Michael Schwamb, Gustave Mathews, historic district
Architectural Styles:
   Renaissance Revival
   Romanesque Revival

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   Ridgewood North Historic District
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