Rogers Peet and Company Building 
258 Broadway (aka 258-259 Broadway, 1-11 Warren Street), Manhattan
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Full Address: 258 Broadway, Manhattan
Alternative Address: 58-259 Broadway, 1-11 Warren Street, Manhattan
Year Built: 1900
Year Designated: 2010
Year Published: 2010
Architect: John B. Snook & Sons
Key words: Rogers, Peet & Company building, neo-Renaissance style, commercial and office, John B. Snook & Sons, steel skeleton-frame, skyscraper, Chicago School, structural grid, classical ornament, fireproofing, wide window bays, vertical brick piers, stone, buff brick, copper cornice, flat roof, Samuel Verplanck Hoffman, A.T. Stewart store, Devlin & Co., Marvin N. Rogers, Charles B. Peet, department store, individual landmark
Notes: 1909 addition, Townsend, Steinle & Haskell, architects.
Architectural Styles:
   Renaissance Revival

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