The Rainbow Room 
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Full Address: 1240-1256 Avenue of the Americas, 31-81 West 49th Street, and 30-64 West 50th Street, Manhattan
Alternative Address: 30 Rockefeller Plaza 65th floor
Year Built: 1931-1934
Year Designated: 2012
Year Published: 2012
Architect: Harrisson & Mc Murray, Wallace K. Harrisson
Key words: Rockefeller Plaza, Luncheon Club, Wallace K. Harrisson, Streamlined Modern, Art Deco, Ballroom, Private parties, crystal chandeliers, RCA color organ, premier nightspots, interior landmark
Notes: Underwent interior renovations during the summer of 1962. The room was said to be "refurbished in its original nineteen-thirties decor." Rainbow room was closed for major renovations in January 1986.
Architectural Styles:
   Art Deco

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