Steinway & Sons Reception Room and Hallway 
Steinway & Sons, First Floor Interior
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Full Address: 109-113 West 57th Street Manhattan, NY
Alternative Address: 106-116 West 58th Street
Year Built: 1924-25
Year Designated: 2013
Year Published: 2013
Architect: Walter L. Hopkins; Warren & Wetmore
Key words: neo-Renaissance, Walter L. Hopkins, Warren & Wetmore, Paul Arndt, Cooper & Gentiluomo, Steinway, Steinway & Sons, Steinway Hall, Leo Lentelli, Thompson-Starrett Co., interior landmark
Notes: Designation consists of the southeast section of the first floor interior, the domed rotunda and second floor balcony, the east foyer and stairs leading to the balcony; the hallway of the public corridor, up to the north glass doors, that adjoins the reception room; and the fixtures and components of these spaces, including but not limited to, wall and ceiling surfaces, floor surfaces, arches, pilasters, stairs, landings, ceiling murals, painted medallions, metal railings, metal grilles, chandeliers and lighting fixtures, door enframements, doors and windows, and attached furnishings and decorative elements. Designation does not include the elevator cab or adjacent bathroom.
Architectural Styles:

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