M. H. Renken Dairy Company, Office Building and Engine Room  
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Full Address: 582-584 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn and 580 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn
Alternative Address: 192 Classon Avenue
Year Built: 1860-1932
Year Designated: 2015
Year Published: 2015
Architect: unknown
Key words: M.H. Renken Dairy Company Office, Martin H. Renken, dairy company, Koch & Wagner, speed lines, bracketless cornices, grilles, terrazzo, Clinton Hill, Pratt Institute, Myrtle Avenue Elevated line, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project, milk production, swill dairies, dairy farms, Henry Quell, Henry C. Bohack, Bedford Dairy, St. George Hotel, Beyer Farms, Elmhurst Milk and Cream Company, Peter H. Reinke, Arthur R. Koch, Charles C. Wagner, Bohack Realty Corporation
Architectural Styles:
   Art Deco
   Art Moderne
   International Style

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