Saint Paul Roman Catholic Church 
Now Parish of Saint Paul and Holy Rosary
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Full Address: 121 East 117th Street, Manhattan, NY
Alternative Address: 115-125 East 117th Street, Manhattan, NY
Year Built: 1907-08
Year Designated: 2016
Year Published: 2016
Architect: Neville & Bagge
Key words: 1900s, 1908, 1834, 1837, Saint Paul, Catholic church, Northern Manhattan, Neville & Bagge, Late Romanesque Revival, medieval, classical, earliest Roman Catholic parish, East Harlem, symmetrical, entry portals, arched portals, stained-glass windows, geometric tracery, steel and concrete, round-arch openings, towers, steep roofs, pyramidal roofs, carved medieval-style ornamentation, cathedral, early 20th-century, smooth limestone façade, semi-rural Harlem Village, Spanish-speaking Catholics, East Harlem Latinos, Nieuw Haarlem, Peter Stuyvesant, Dutch, Public transportation lines, immigration, Unbroken space, David W. Dunlap, From Abyssinian to Zion: A Guide to Manhattan’s Houses of Worship, Thomas P. Neville, George Arthur Bagge, Irish, Irish-American, “Great Migration”
Notes: During the 1870s that Saint Paul Church expanded its property holdings by acquiring four lots along East 118th Street to accommodate a new school building. In 1886, the name of the parish was officially changed to the Roman Catholic Church of Saint Paul.
Architectural Styles:
   Romanesque Revival

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