Tribeca East Historic District  
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Full Address: Rough. area btwn Church St. / B'way, btwn Worth / Canal Sts.; area btwn W. B'way / Church, btwn White / Franklin Sts,, Manhattan
Alternative Address:
Year Built: 1853-1990
Year Designated: 1992
Year Published: 1992
Architect: Frederick C. Browne, John B. Snook, D. & J. Jardine, Daniel Pang & Associates, J. Morgan Slade, King & Kellum, William H. Birkmire, Charles Wright, Nicholas Whyte, Robert Maynicke, Frederick P. Kelley, Arthur Paul Hess, Henry Engelbert, others
Key words: store buildings, loft buildings, Church Street, Frankling Street, West Broadway, Worth Street, Broadway, TriBeCa, textile mills, cast-iron, cast iron, dry goods, stone, brick, A. T. Stewart Store, Venetian Palace, Bowen & McNamee Store, wholesale goods, commercial development, "store and loft", Cary Building, Cary Howard & Sanger, 300 Canal Street, J.W. Southack, Herman D. Aldrich, Aaron Jacobs, Samuel D. Babcock, Solomon Deutsch, Gottleib and Henry Rosenblatt, Jonathan Edwards, New York Cotton Exchange, Merchants Club, John J. Clark, Freund and Sterns, R. Blackenberg & Co., suspenders, cords, tassels, linens, gauze bandages, corsets hosiery, boots, bookmaking, shoemaking, carpets, cigars, commercial history, "dwelling and store", "Roman Palaces", "Venetian", bank buildings, financial institutions, Broadway Textile Building, Louis M. Jones & Co., historic district
Architectural Styles:
   Art Deco
   Beaux Arts
   Mid-twentieth century commercial
   Queen Anne
   Second Empire

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