City and Suburban Homes Company, First Avenue Estate 
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Full Address: 1168-1200 First Avenue, 401-423 East 64th Street, and 402-416 East 65th Street, Manhattan, NY
Alternative Address:
Year Built: 1898-1915
Year Designated: 1990
Year Published: 1990
Architect: James E. Ware, James E. Ware & Sons, and Philip H. Ohm
Key words: affordable housing, experimental housing, apartments, "model tenement", light-court, tenement, individual landmark
Notes: Oldest extant project built by City and Suburban Homes. Addedum passed on August 16th, 1990, to affirm the designation of the entire block of the City and Suburban Homes Company, First Avenue Estate, while deleting from the original designation two buildings, i.e., 429 East 64th Street and 430 East 65th Street. See addemdum .pdf. Amendment added in 2006.
Architectural Styles:

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