Erasmus Neighborhood Federation, Inc 
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Address: 814 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226
Phone: 718.462.7700 Fax: 718.462.7709
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Erasmus Neighborhood Federation, Inc. responds to well- documented needs in the community such as: the growing number of residents who need affordable housing. ENF plans to continue responding to these needs through advocacy, counseling and education in areas of tenant organizing and homelessness prevention by implementing direct intervention and collaborative efforts. ENF also intends to continue the newest component of its program, the management of residential buildings in cooperation with local and federal housing department. Through these efforts, ENF seeks to promote neighborhood stability by encouraging private home owners, tenants, landlords and businesses to maintain their buildings by providing the necessary services and amenities that will allow East Flatbush residents to enjoy the benefits of appropriate residential and commercial shelter.

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