Art for Change: East Harlem  
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Address: 1699 Lexington Ave., Basement North, New York, NY 10029
Phone: 212.348.7044 Fax: 212.348.7044
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Art for Change is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating prejudice and racism by promoting collaboration and cooperation among artists from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. The organization primarily serves Spanish Harlem, however, it is inclusive of all boroughs in an effort to attract people from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to serve as a platform of support for these artists by providing resources, enhancing artistic development and creating professional opportunities while advancing the cause of ethnic and racial integration of mainstream art and empowering communities through their art.

Type of Organization/Individual:
Applying for Not-for-Profit


Project Examples:

Published Materials:
Art Beats 2001-covered by "The Unbelievable Show," channel 67.

Boroughs Served:

Area Served:
::NY City::

Neighborhoods Served:
East Harlem




Subject Areas:
::Advocacy::Public Art::Technical Assistance::Cultural Heritage::Economic Development::Volunteers::Mentoring::Exhibitions::Publications::


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