Council on the Environment of NYC/ Council on the Environment, Inc. 
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Address: 51 Chambers St., Rm. 228, New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212.788.7900 Fax: 212.788.7913
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The Open Space Greening Program empowers people in neighborhoods throughout the city to create, manage, and sustain community gardens and parks/playgrounds.::Environmental Education combines rigorous academics with service learning opportunities to help young people become thoughtful, effective citizens and stewards of the city's environment.::Greenmarket Farmers Markets help over 180 regional farmers and other food producers keep thousands of acres of agricultural land in production and ensures a continuing supply of fresh regional produce for New Yorkers.

Type of Organization/Individual:

Open Space Greening Program::Greenmarket::Environmental Education::Information and Referral on noise, pollution prevention, and other environmental issues.

Project Examples:
Union Square Greenmarket, Poe Park Greenmarket, All People's Garden, East 4th Street, Manhattan; Placita Infantil, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Student organized restoration work along Gerritsen Creek in Brooklyn and Pelham Bay in the Bronx. Tree planting by students in Inwood Hill Park in Manhattan.

Published Materials:
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Boroughs Served:

Area Served:
::NY City::

Neighborhoods Served:

::Paid Part Time::Volunteers::

M-F, 9-5


Subject Areas:
::Public Spaces::Conservation::Technical Assistance::Urban Planning::Environment::Publications::

regional agriculture

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