Imagine New York: A Project of the Municipal Art Society 
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Address: 457 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212.935.3960 Fax: 212.753.1816
Web site: Email:

A project of the Municipal Art Society, the goal of Imagine New York is to promote the 49 visions that were directly based on the nearly 19,000 ideas we collected through our website and public workshops, and to ensure that these ideas, to the greatest extent possible, are incorporated into the rebuilding process.

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Project of another organization


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::NY City::NY State::US::

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::Advocacy::Research::Urban Planning::

Public Participation, Ideas for the World Trade Center site.

Areas Not Currently Covered by Organization:
jobs and internships. Also, as this is a temporary project, please check to see what, if anything, we are doing one year from now.