East 11th Street Block Association (between 5th and University Pl) 
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Address: 16 East 11th Street, #5B, New York, NY 10003
Phone: 212.777.6869 Fax: 212.777.6745
Web site: www.11thstreetblockassn.org Email: dianecondon1@aol.com


Type of Organization/Individual:

prepare and deliver newsletter to residents four times a year to create awareness of neighborhood issues and concerns, raised funds to replace cobra lights with historic Bishop's Crook Lampposts, raised funds, standardized size and replaced all tree wells in block with custom designed tree guards, raise funds and pay person to clean street five days a week to supplement City cleaning; pay for Graffiti removal, prepare and deliver newsletter to residents 4x a year.

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Greenwich Village, East 11th Street between 5th and University Pl,




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::Advocacy::Historic Preservation::Architecture::Conservation::Construction::Cultural Heritage::Landmarks::Economic Development::Volunteers::Environment::

Quality of life issues, safety, security, cleanliness, historic preservation.

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