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Address: 551 Fifth Avenue, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10176
Phone: 917.542.3600 Fax: 917.542.3601
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Jonathan Rose Companies seeks to build communities of opportunity for all that enhance people’s lives in better balance with nature. They believe that every resident of every community deserves an equal opportunity to thrive. We apply the transformative power of connected, integrative, well-designed, thoughtfully programmed places to restore the balance between humans and nature and to increase well-being. Our goal is for each project to be a replicable model of environmental, social and economic responsibility, creating plans, buildings, communities and investments that learn from and contribute to the growing body of positive solutions to the challenges of 21st century cities.

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::Bronx::Brooklyn::Manhattan::Queens::Staten Islan

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::NY City::NY State::US::

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::Historic Preservation::

urban historic planning, preservation, development, community, housing, green, environment

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