Drive to Protect the Ladies' Mile District, The 
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Address: P.O. Box 332, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276
Phone: 212.475.2850 Fax:
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Founded in the mid-1980's as an umbrella group of seven organizations seeking the designation of the Ladies' Mile Historic District. As designated in 1989, the district consists of 400+ buildings in 28 blocks of Midtown South Manhattan. The Drive to Protect the Ladies' Mile District monitors violations and reports to the LPC, in addition to testifying on all CofA public hearings for the area.

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::NY City::

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Midtown South-- roughly from 14th Street to 24th Street and from west of Sixth Avenue and east of Broadway, the so-called Flatiron area.




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::Advocacy::Archives::Historic Preservation::Architecture::History::Media::Volunteers::Zoning/Land Use::

historic district, testimony, cultural landmarks, district extensions, partial rezoning

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real-estate inquiries, shopping suggestions, souvenirs