Westmoreland Association, Inc. 
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Address: 251-31 42nd Avenue, Little Neck, NY 11363
Phone: 718.224.7256 Fax:
Web site: www.littleneck.net/westmoreland Email: westmoreland@littleneck.net

Every property in the Westmoreland area has a set of protective covenants included in the deed. They are similar to zoning rules, and apply to every successive property owner. The restrict owners from doing certain undesirable things, and are very important to the protection of the quality and character of our community, and our high property values. However, only the Association can defend and enforce the covenants; the government cannot and will not do so. Westmoreland property owners are automatically members of the Association, but like any volunteer group, it is only as effective as its active members.

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Walter Mugdan

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