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Architectural League of New York
The Architectural League of New York nurtures excellence in architecture, design, and urbanism, and stimulates thinking and debate about the critical design and building issues of our time. As a vital, independent forum for architecture and its allied disciplines, the League helps create a more beautiful, vibrant, innovative, and sustainable future.
Website: www.archleague.org Phone: 212-753-1722
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A comprehensive daily newsletter and feature articles with architecture, design and construction news stories from around the world.
Website: www.ArchNewsNow.com Phone:
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Art and Institutions Committee, Manhattan Community Board 2
The committee provides a forum for the large institutions within CB2 to present their plans and ideas for any development, programmatic or other events that will effect the community. Coverage includes universities, hospitals, schools, and libraries, religious and social institutions. It gives the community and the board an opportunity to review, comment and have input on various proposals at an early stage with the purpose of protecting the public interest.
Website: www.nyc.gov/html/mancb2/html/committees/committees.shtml Phone: 212.979.2272
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Art Deco Society of New York
The Art Deco Society of New York is a non-profit organization that advocates for the appreciation, understanding, celebration, documentation, and preservation of Art Deco culture in New York and around the world.
Website: www.artdeco.org Phone: 212-679-3326
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Art for Change: East Harlem
Art for Change is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating prejudice and racism by promoting collaboration and cooperation among artists from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. The organization primarily serves Spanish Harlem, however, it is inclusive of all boroughs in an effort to attract people from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to serve as a platform of support for these artists by providing resources, enhancing artistic development and creating professional opportunities while advancing the cause of ethnic and racial integration of mainstream art and empowering communities through their art.
Website: www.artforchange.org Phone: 212.348.7044
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Artjob Online!
Artjob online has been a valuable resource to the field over the past 15 years. We are concluding its function because at WESTAF we are engaged in many new and exciting projects that require more of our attention. We wish all of our users the best of luck in either finding a position that they love and/or adding a valuable member to their organization. It has been our pleasure to serve you!"
Website: artjob.org Phone: 303 629 1166
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Arts and Business Council of New York
The mission of the Arts & Business Council of New York (ABC/NY) is to develop creative partnerships between the arts and business communities in New York that both enhance the business skills of the arts sector and promote creative engagement within the business sector. ABC/NY offers programming in volunteer, leadership, and professional development, while promoting the arts' role in economic revitalization. We engage, as volunteers, smart people who care about the arts. And we develop leaders in the business of the arts, among both those entering the arts field and those already making a difference. ABC/NY is a division of Americans for the Arts.
Website: http://www.americansforthearts.org/by-program/networks-and-councils/arts-business-council-of-new-york Phone: 212.279.5910
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Asian American / Asian Research Institute - CUNY
The Asian American / Asian Research Institute (AAARI) was established on November 19, 2001, by The City University of New York (CUNY) Board of Trustees, in a resolution introduced by Chancellor Matthew Goldstein. The Institute is a university-wide scholarly research and resource center that focuses on policies and issues that affect Asians and Asian Americans. It covers four areas: Asian American Studies; East Asian Studies; South Asian Studies; and Trade & Technology Studies.
Website: aaari.info/ Phone: 212-869-0182
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Asian American Art Centre
Asian American Art Center seeks to promote the preservation and creative vitality of Asian American cultural growth through the arts, and its historical and aesthetic linkage to other communities. The Arts Centre accomplishes this by presenting and interpreting the ongoing synthesis of contemporary American and Asian art forms, utilizing performance, exhibition, and public education.
Website: http://www.artspiral.org/index.php Phone: 212-233-2154
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Asian/Pacific/American Studies Institute
The A/P/A Studies Institute aims to promote discourse on Asian/Pacific America defying traditional boundaries, spanning Asia, to the Americas, through the Atlantic and Pacific Worlds. Additionally it works to dispel socio-cultural and political misconceptions, provide cultural and scholarly connections, lead collections building, and encourage innovative research and interdisciplinary exploration. Their goal is to serve as an international nexus of interactive exchange and access for scholars, cultural producers, and communities from New York to beyond.
Website: www.apa.nyu.edu Phone: 212 998 3700
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Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development
The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development is the umbrella organization of 100 non-profit affordable housing and economic development groups, serving low- and moderate income residents in all five boroughs of New York City. ANHD has been key in making NYC’s community development sector among the most effective in the US, providing comprehensive training, robust capacity-building and apprenticeship programs, and high-impact policy research.
Website: www.anhd.org Phone: 212-747-1117
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Association of Hispanic Arts
The Association of Hispanic Arts, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Latino arts, artists and arts organizations as an integral part of the cultural life of the nation. We facilitate projects and programs designed to foster the appreciation, growth and well being of the Latino cultural community.
Website: https://www.harlemonestop.com/organization/247/association-of-hispanic-arts-aha Phone: 212-876-1242
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Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation
Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation seeks to further economic development, historic preservation, and cultural enrichment on Atlantic Avenue, in Brooklyn, New York, from Fourth Avenue to the Waterfront and the surrounding community. The AALDC provides information, advocacy, and produces events and projects that promote economic growth and vitality, for the preservation and development of the local community.
Website: www.atlanticave.org Phone: 718.875.8993
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Audubon Partnership for Economic Development LDC
The mission of the Audubon Partnership for Economic Development is to increase opportunities for growth and development of local residents and businesses in Washington Heights and Inwood. To further accomplish its mission, the Audubon Partnership for Economic Development LDC has established, in cooperation with the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation and the New Heights Neighborhood Center, a program providing job placement and career development.
Website: www.audubonpartnership.org Phone: 212 544-2400
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Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, Columbia University
The Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library collects books and periodicals in architecture, historic preservation, art history, painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, city planning, real estate, and archaeology. Avery's primary mission is to serve Columbia University students, faculty, alumni. Non-affiliates must use NYPL first for research inquiries - not a public library. Archives open by appointment only.
Website: http://library.columbia.edu/locations/avery.html Phone: 212.854.6199
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Bakas Pilipinas/Philippine Historic Preservation Society
Bakas Pilipinas/Philippine Historic Preservation Society is a New York based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting research and documentation, preservation planning, conservation and management of Philippine built heritage.
Website: www.bakaspilipinas.org Phone: 212-677-9842 203
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Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association
Serving the residents of the South Bronx, providing direct services to residents and support services to the community at large.
Website: http://www.bkcianyc.org/ Phone: 718-328-1064
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Battery Conservancy, The
The Battery Conservancy was created in 1994 to rebuild and revitalize the Battery and its major landmark, Castle Clinton National Monument. The Battery, New York City’s first waterfront park was created in 1693. Some 300 years later, private citizens established The Battery Conservancy to raise funds to transform the 25 acre landscape which had become dilapidated, downtrodden and overlooked as a sought-after destination. Today it is the thriving green heart of dynamic Downtown New York. It is a model of conservation and biodiversity with vast public gardens, organic urban farms, toxin-free lawns and SeaGlass, the innovative aquarium carousel. It has set high standards in planning, design, construction and sustainable park management.
Website: thebattery.org Phone: 212.344.3491
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Bay Improvement Group
Founded in 1992, incorporated in 1993, BIG is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization. The founders of BIG have been actively involved in warning of over-development in Sheepshead Bay since the 1980's. We have consistently talked about over-development and congestion, and recommended tightened zoning regulations. We continue to see a great need for our community to come together and halt the destruction of our unique Sheepshead Bay.
Website: http://www.bayimprovementgroup.org/ Phone: 718-646-9206
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Bay Ridge Conservancy
The Bay Ridge Conservancy's mission is to preserve, protect, and enhance the built and natural environment in Bay Ridge.
Website: Phone: 718-748-5950
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Bay Ridge Historical Society
To help preserve the history and enlighten current and past residents about the historic significance of Greater Bay Ridge Area.
Website: Phone: 718-836-0544
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Bayside Historical Society
The Bayside Historical Society was founded in 1964 to collect, preserve and disseminate information concerning the history of Bayside, Queens, and its adjacent communities; to advocate for preservation and protection of its most historic structures and distinctive neighborhoods through the landmarking process; and to strive to develop a broad constituency of like-minded preservation and educational organizations to protect the historic integrity of our communities and collections.
Website: www.baysidehistorical.org Phone: 718-352-1548
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Beachside Bungalow Preservation Association of Far Rockaway, Inc.
The Beachside Bungalow Preservation Association of Far Rockaway Inc. organizes and coordinates activities for the improvement of the neighborhood from Beach 24th Street to Beach 27th Street between Seagirt Boulevard and the boardwalk in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY. BBPA is dedicated to the preservation of bungalows and is one of the last remaining bungalow colonies in Far Rockaway.
Website: www.preserve.org/bungalow Phone:
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Beaux Arts Alliance, The
The Beaux Arts Alliance is a not-for-profit organization founded to celebrate the many cultural links between the United States and France.
Website: www.beauxarts.org/ Phone: 212.639.9120
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Bedford Mosholu Community Association
Our association meets on a monthly basis to address issues relating to parks, housing, security, economic development, beautification, and education.
Website: Phone: 718-367-2230
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